Buzzing Bumble Bee

Time flies with a blink of eye. I am getting very mundane with the stuff that I am doing. What am I doing and why am I doing. But again, I prayed that life had a good predicament for me in times to come.

On a happier note, today is Mothers’ Day. Yay! I am promoted to an Aunt since the birth of #BabyAurelia ~~~

And also, this made me realised, my kids are now 7, 6 and 5 respectively. Like god. So fast?

And as we embraced today to celebrate the victory of motherhood to our super heroine(s) in life, let us also take this moment and give a pat to those who might be going through today as a difficult moment of theirs – be it, those who had lost their child, or lost their mum, despite it being a different mothers’ day.

“Our thoughts are with you. Be brave, have that maternal spirit within.”

I am eternally grateful to my grandma, mum and MIL for everything and also, my dear girls who taught me the teachings of TRUE love.

Happy Mothers’ Day to all (including Single Dads too, who had to take on a role of a mom.) You people rock and I had a lifetime of lifelong learning.


Multi-Tasking Level: 500%

All thanks to Parenthood.

I think all parents are able to relate:

  1. Working on the laptop/ phones while holding onto the milk bottle.
  2. Spoonfeed the younger ones while you are on the phone with your clients/ working partners/ colleagues and etc.
  3. You are able to complete at least 3 housechores faster than the Usain Bolt WHILE babysitting your kids.
  4. Trying to feed more than one baby and you felt like a worker in a Production Line.
  5. You can shit, pee and shower while eye-powering your baby.

and many more…

Sometimes, it reaches a point that I gave up amazed by my own capabilities and I had already missed out on the girls’ childhood. Like wow.

It took me a while to ponder.

Why. cant. I. take. a. step. back.

If YOU are reading this, do something about it, please.


My Soul Mate, Matcha

Dear Matcha,

I just wish to pen this note to you as part of the memories in which you had bought me, the wonders of your life and the wonders of my life, with your presence.

I am sorry that I failed you at times, forgetting to get you your favourite treats, screamed at you for the wee-wee mess you made, not being there when the #ongsisters “forced” you to be part of the tea party in which you had never enjoyed (afterall, how does a dog drinks with paws?) and of course, the i-neglected-you-at-times moments.

But… I never treat you as a dog you know. You are like my best friend for life. My daughter, someone who I am hold dearly to and to be frank, you are that someone who knows my darkest secrets.

Words that had never been said. You heard it.

Thoughts that can never be translated. You heard it, too. Spirtually.

Things that were never meant to be seen. You saw it.

Thank you for being my comfort blanket during bedtime, when I am down, when I teared terribly, when I doubted myself, when I did my presentation rehearsals and many more.


Thank you for being there for me, always and unconditionally.

Thank you for that excited and positive vibes of yours whenever you saw me appearing at the door, no matter how late it is.

Thank you for being the kind sister to the #ongsisters and bring great memories and happiness to my family, friends and many more to come.

Indeed, dogs are man’s best friend. And you are my soul mate. My dear soul mate.

Thus I wish you good health, happiness and may we conquer many milestones together as a family. I will be proud of you, just like you how you will be proud of me.

One thing for sure, I doubt I will be able to handle your absence one day. I simply don’t think I can overcome that because you had been part of me.

I love you, my Matcha, forever my wonderful baby.



Your Beloved Hoomannnn Mummy.

P.S: I actually teared when I type this post.

Never Ever.

Never ever marry a man who made you an option instead of a priority.

Never ever marry a man who used you as a shield/ excuse to get away from someone or away with something.

Never ever marry someone who had a combination of the above.

Never ever. But I did.


Just need a space to spam my thoughts because the exhaustion from everything is overwhelming enough to kill me.

I need to breathe and get away from all these crap.

Also, this is a reminder to self that it happened.

Annie, Versace Lee.

The title made no sense (so was the day) but every 28 March marks the day that I signed on the dotted line. That dotted line that enabled me to be the legally binding person, liability to another party on this faithful universe.

It’s the wedding annieversacelee anniversary once again. Yay, I survived till this day, again. To be frank, I wasn’t keen to even wish myself, “many more years to come” because I never want to continue such life. The idiosyncrasy of independence.

So instead, I will wish myself, many more good years to come, as a mother and as a daughter (in-law). But still, thank you for the day. It was a day of joy years back but no longer joyful as the years past.

and I wonder, will my days/ years get better because I am closed to say, “Just f**k off from it.”


And who doesn’t hope to take a longer break in life, but can one afford to? At least, I am conscious to my decision and did my part as a mother.

Bonus: The #ongsisters and I did a painting together including #matchathechihuahua for the #canonstickerjam contest (Check out via instagram and remember to like our piece).

Rage & Rethink

Note: I wanted to post this on 8 March but had put it as a “Draft” mode till now.

I guess everyone is now flying in rage upon the light sentence given to this MMA Instructor, Mr Paedophile Joshua Robinson. Do read his story HERE.

I read through some of the comments on Facebook and etc, people flew in rage because caning was not given but almost a decade back in Year 1994, a youth-then named Michael Fay was given a caning for vandalism. In case you guys think legislation changed as it’s too far fetched, let’s fast forward to a case in Year 2015, 2 German youths were given caning for vandalism.

To get that race issue out of the whole context and before this entry was ruled as discrimination, in this context, are we telling the whole world that VANDALISM is way more ferocious and deadly as per compared to Child-Rape/ Sexually Assaulting the Minors and worst, trying to sexual groom a six years-old? Wtf is this.

I google the meaning of “vandalism”.

  1. action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.
    “an act of mindless vandalism”

Wow, when someone sexually assault someone, he/ she caused destruction to one’s lifetime. And this “someone” who caused the destruction got a lighter sentence than someone who caused destruction to public property (Quote Michael Fay & 2 German Youths) in which the the public property can be re-paint/ overhaul and etc, to make it new again.

How can one re-paint or overhaul one’s destructed life?

How is this logical? I can sense the anger and deep rage as a Citizen and as a Parent point of view which sets me some thoughts. What-ifs one day, my daughter(s) tells me about what the six-years old told her parents? What would I do?

To be frank. Kudos to the parents who investigate further because I would say there might be a fair portion of parents who might just brush it off. Blame it on the “Take-for-Granted” mentality or “Kia-si” mentality.

Perhaps I should write a post, from a Parent’s POV and to perhaps create this/ a platform to understand and learn from others’ parents, as a whole to create certain support and rapport in educating our kids/ future generations.

It seems kind of true that Asians will always be more reserved in approaching the topics on birds and bees but kids are more liberal and open nowadays due to the available technology and so as parents, we should always take the lead to teach.

If not us, who else right?

Well, let me pitch.

Break, Free.

Did some soul searching.


And realised that money can’t buy anything else than freedom and etc. Thus I decided to “hibernate” and rethink on the things I want to do, I want to be.

Sometimes, passion can’t make much money neither will principles but still, one need uphold integrity and dignity because it will enable one to walk far.

Resigned from my “job” after a month as it’s no longer suitable for me. Shall take my pace despite I know I need the dollars and cents to tide through after all, I can’t possible just  sit back and relax when I had mouths to feed.

Find it hard to get Angel Investors because somehow I feel indebted. May this year be kind to me.