Space is something undefined, subject to one’s definition.

It could be 0.00001 millimeters away or it could be as holy as it holds the whole universe together. But something that I do not like, someone physically intruding into my space, my personal space that progressed a level of discomfort.

I need a job, but it doesn’t meant I need to give in to sexual harassment intruders. One should never be silent about it. Rebuked, resisted and finding a way to get out of that critical moment is crucial.

I do not wish to comment much but I want to ask all ladies to trust your instincts. Instincts that will give you tell tale signs of danger. Never give another opportunity to such scumbags, NEVER.

This job indeed gave me steep learning curve. VERY STEEP indeed.


Not Huat but Heng.


Luckily, I am alright, hmm.

Had a brush with the stroke of bad luck this morning, or many many stroke of bad luck. Took Grabhitch and the car broke down halfway, at the expressway. Ok fine, one off incident… Fair enough.

Took a cab from AMK Expressway Flyover and halfway through the peaceful ride, at the red light at the traffic light, the cab was hit by a Toyota Harrier from behind and tahan, that was end of my 2nd ride.

Took the 3rd cab from the accident location which is 5-10 mins away from the office, I was flabbergasted. The battery was on the verge of dying and it travelled at 40km/hr and took 20 mins to reach my workplace.

Despite today, I did not need to pay for my ride as all the three drivers do not want to charge me. I still paid the No 2 Taxi Driver and No 3 Driver as a form of good luck and perhaps, it would be a blessing in disguise that I reached the office in good hands despite having a sore arm from the No 2. accident’s impact.

My sister reminded me how heng I was and also my brother reminded me of 7 million toto this evening. Perhaps, luck will be shining while I take on a positive note onto the approach in life. May I strike the 7 Million tonight.

“Sometimes, I need these bad times to make me appreciate the good times.”

Sometimes I wonder, what happened if this happened when I am in KL? Hmmm… Will be I panicky or whatever…

Perhaps not. However I realised PA trained me well enough to stay calm and compose sia. Sibei calm to be exact.

Day 2

It had been tiring and today, I had just gave my best shot at it.

The disorientation makes me dizzy.

And I had 3 months to prove it. Good luck.

And on parenting, I was wondering how did I manage to do all these, all these while. I really ponder.

Embrace the Change

Tomorrow’s gonna be a brand new start. I wonder if I can take it at times, to fight through the feeling of missing my family and my girls. I wonder how can I ever survive.

Just gonna embrace this change and try it out for once. Anyway, if it’s deem not suitable, I can just take a U-turn back, to Singapore and re-look at the Option. Nevertheless, follow my heart and follow my dream.


That’s right. Gonna just try.

The Last Working Day


And there it goes, my last working day at PA, on an unofficial note.

And 6 years into my job, first time, I got placed as a last minute emcee for a Grassroots event. This is indeed memorable. Life gonna moved on though.

Till then, I will miss the people at People’s Association, Woodlands Constituency Office, the Advisers (including the ex-Advisers) and hello to my 默契100% ex-Superior who is now at MSO. Everyone gonna chin up and brave through this as a team no matter what.

Gonna end this with my favourite saying, “If you can survive Countdown, you can survive anything else.”

Who knows? Maybe one day, I will be back.


Dread it max. For some reasons, I don’t really look forward to the l-e-a-v-e.

The handovers are insane and crazy. But it’s a love and hate feeling.


Gonna embrace it and make a decision by May. ^^

Roses are Red and…

Violets are blue.

Suddenly, came a small voice behind me that says, “Eh mama, ain’t violet, purple? It ain’t blue yo.”

That is my elder girl, Sharanne. Haha.

Sometimes parenting gives me another broader insights, that embrace love and makes one a greater person. Also, sometimes, kids say the darnest things. I listed two examples here:

Conversation about being a Chihuahua

Background: As a Chinese I believed in karma and reincarnations. And part of the religious teaching says that souls reborn as animals are due to past misdeeds (karma).  And so, I bought Matcha (my Chihuahua) back to my in-law to pray at the house temple to usher into the new year.

Me: Matcha, come over here and sit still. Pray if you can as it gives you merits if you cultivate the habit of listening to the  Buddha’s religious teaching, it will might make u a human again. You are a dog now due to your past misdeed.

Sharanne: Mama, no, Matcha might not be a dog because of the past misdeeds. She could be like you

Me: Me?

Sharanne: Yes, she might have wish to become a Chihuahua like you did*. And because she attain merits and was a good girl then, the Genie granted her wish.

*Previously, I was stressed up at work till I casually spoke about being a Chihuahua like Matcha in my next lifetime, free from worries and get pampered like a Princess, ha~

Bottom line: Kids take YOUR words for real. Speak wise.

Conversation about One’s Inspirations

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Sharanne: *Take deep breath* Dancer because I love dancing and I want to be real good in something I want to do.

Me: Ok, that’s good but still need to get a minimum education in order to survive yeah. *Sharanne nods and floats away from this dangerous topic.*

Andrealynn: I want to be a Doctor or Nurse, to help people and save lives.

Me: That’s good. I believe you can do it if you study hard and focus on your end goal.

Rayshirl: I want to be a Dog.

Me: Oh doc ah? That’s good.

Rayshirl: Nooooooo. Dog. A dog.

Me: Doc… Doctor? Good good.

Rayshirl: NO. I WANT TO  BE A DOG. Woof woof dog.

Me: …………. You can’t be a dog.

Rayshirl: But Matcha is a dog.

Me: …………………………………….

Andrealynn: Mama, if Rayshirl is a dog. I want to be a cat when I grow up.

Me: …………………………………………. *silence entered the darkest night*


Rayshirl: Mama, I realized I don’t want to be a dog anymore.

Me: Good… so what’s your new goal?

Rayshirl: I want to be a boy.

Me: …………………………… *speechless*


Rayshirl: Mama, I don’t want to be a boy also. I changed my mind.

Me: *wonder why she is so fickle minded but still* Ohhhh okay, so you are back to a  girl?

Rayshirl: No, I already know what I want to be.

Me: Ok… Now what?

Rayshirl: I want to be a Terrex.

Me: T-REX?

Rayshirl: No, TER-REX. Ah yi (aka her aunt aka my sister) says TERREX very powerful.

Me: But it’s a machine.

Rayshirl: Not a type of Dinosaur meh?

Me: NO. *shows her a picture of Terrex*

Rayshirl: No. This is not Terrex. Ahgong (aka my father aka her grandpa) shows me this before and it’s called a Tanker or Tank.

Me: …………………………………………………………


I guess, I will miss the girls when I relocate for work.